About Us

Angela Anandappa portrait

Director Angela Anandappa


Dr. Anandappa is the Founding Director for the Alliance for Advanced Food Sanitation, and a Research Assistant Professor with the Department of Food Science and Technology. Her work involves developing cross disciplinary research to address complex sanitary design and sanitation challenges including validation, methods and addressing manufacturing challenges in the food industry. The work of the alliance includes identifying and evaluating new and improved materials fit for food manufacturing environments to better control pathogens and biofilms, identify improved products and methods of cleaning and improve the effectiveness and ecological friendliness of cleaning agents for all types of manufacturing processes.

Mission Statement

The Alliance’s research, extension and teaching activities engage university of Nebraska–Lincoln faculty and address the needs and interests of the private sector partners. The overall goal of these activities is to develop improved sanitation practices that can be implemented by the food processing and affiliated industries.

Vision Statement

We will create a safer food supply through advanced sanitation approaches and practices.

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